Production Samples

These MP3 clips contain brief selections of larger works. They are all about a minute or two and are presented so that potential clients may audition my production abilities. Keep in mind that they are MP3, and as such are a format that compresses data. Potential clients are encouraged to contact me for a more information or demos.

As I specialize in location recording, all of the following were recorded live. All material is copyrighted.

Human Voice

Mixed Acapella choir singing Rachmaninoff in reverberant church. 3.5 MB

Large Men's Chorus. We hear the closing of "My Eternal King" by Jane Marshall. 2.7 MB

Pipe Organ

An early 20th century American Symphonic Organ.
Oh yes, you do know this selection. 2.2 MB

A late 20th century Baroque Organ. A dizzying dance showing off the organ's blazing Spanish trumpets. 1.6 MB

Another large church organ, this is a new organ - a 21st century organ. Here is the end of the Final of Vierne's 3rd Organ Symphony. 2.0 MB

Here's a sort of palette cleanser, a bit of a trio sonata from J. S. Bach. 
1.7 MB


A lush string orchestra with Organ.
  2.4 MB

A Baroque String Trio: Baroque violin, viola da gamba, and a theorbo.  3.7 MB

Thanks for listening. Please remember that these are MP3 files, and were optimized for the web. If you would like to hear more, please use the contact form.

Andrew MacGregor

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