Up until Spring 2011, when I started advertising, my clients found me by word of mouth.

Here's what some of them have to say.

Noisefloor has provided us quality recordings, very quick turnaround times and
outstanding post-production work.  Working with Noisefloor has been outstanding
- they really pay attention to customers and go the extra mile to meet our

Dana Thacker
President, OSU Men's Glee Club Alumni Society

"I have used Andrew's services for over four years, and am an extremely
satisfied customer.  He has a great feel for sound, the technical
capacity to capture it, respect for the artists, great imagination,
a genius for trouble-shooting, and a willingness to go the extra mile
in every project that I have worked on with him.  Andrew was the sole
producer of our Celtic Voyages CD, and did a fabulous job.
I highly recommend him!"

Sheena Phillips
Artistic Director, The Magpie Consort
Columbus OH

Noisefloor Productions does all of our concert recordings at First
Congregational Church. Our church has resonant but tricky acoustics,
with two very different pipe organs at opposite ends of the building.
Andrew MacGregor has superb ears and a knack for capturing the
most flattering results for both organs and the choirs. His recordings
are a pleasure to hear over and over, both for the casual listener
and the scrutinizing audiophile. I'm sure his work is a large part of
why some of our concerts are deemed worthy of broadcast on WOSU-FM.

James E. Bobb
Minister of Music
The First Congregational Church UCC
Columbus OH


Andrew MacGregor's Noisefloor Productions guarantees the broadcast
quality necessary for Music in Mid Ohio, Musica Sacra and any
performance based radio program.

Christopher Purdy
WOSU public media
Ohio State University

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